She's cute, funny, adorable, elegant, feminine -

all the things one imagines the perfect woman should be

Born and raised in Germany, based now in Atlanta, at heart I’m an adventuress and an international traveler who loves to see the world.

I love adventures, good books, classic cars and learning new things.

 I relish the opportunity to get to know your wants and desires, but what I find most important, is the respect, affection and intimacy as our two bodies and minds come together entwined. I enjoy touching, tasting, laughing and just being genuine, happy, positive, easy going self.

Whether you want a date night out in town, the gentle touch of skin against skin, or a relaxing time with a friend, let us share memorable and enjoyable moments together.

So bring me along on business trips, weekend getaways, or for just a few hours of fun and make it the the highlight of your week.

No one would think twice about how we met. My style is elegant and minimalistic, and a little rock'n roll. More than just a pretty face, my eloquence, social grace, and education will be in line your affluence. be continued...

© 2018 Liliane Winter

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